Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yes, it is already time for another Micro Zap. Thanks for the people the made it out to ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. Who knew that people would dance to the same song for 4 and a half hours (and would have longer if the cops hadn't shut it down)?

Moving on to less annoying things, Sarah and I will be celebrating our 30th birthday party on Friday, May 9th. This is kinda involved, and it takes some guts. Do you have the guts for a DEATHJAM?

The plan for the big day:

1. In the afternoon I'm going to Oakland and renting a Segway. It's pretty expensive but I've been dreaming of riding a Segway since the GINGER invention leaked and have planned to ride one on my 30th birthday for a long time now. Join me if you like. I'll be going at around 1:30pm

2. After the ultimate thrill of the segway, I'll dine at Lanesplitter's pizza in Berkeley. Join me if you wish. 6pm-ish. 2033 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA.

3. (This is where the official ass official birthday festivities begin) Let's say at around 9pm, everyone meet up at this wild bar in a little town called Port Costa. Past Berkeley. Seems like a really fun bar to jam some brews and birthday shots at.

4. After we've successfully jammed it to the bone at the bar and the place is closing down, don't worry: the party continues at this shitty, haunted, cheap hotel across the street. It used to be a bordello and people go there to party all the time. Deathjam.

Who's down for a deathjam? Lemme know which facets your interesting in jamming.

30 years' worth of thank yous; it's all been building up to this.

Sean A. Rawls, in alliance with Sarah X. Schindler


For those who didn't make it to the Mystery Zap, it's offical title was called Another One Bites The Dust.

I hung a poster on the wall with said title written at the top. Once everyone arrived, I collected two dollars from each person and explained that we were in for a dance endurance contest. Everyone was to dance continuously until they couldn't take it anymore. Once they stopped they would write their name on the poster, in numerical order. The last person dancing would win the pot of money.

I started the music at 11:15. On came Another One Bites The Dust. That was the only song played, over and over and over again. To my complete and utter surprise, no one quit for at least the first hour and a half. I thought there was so way the entire exercise would last an hour. Well, the cops came at 3:45 in the morning and made us shut it down. There were still five people left in the running so we just split the money between them.

What the fuck. 4 and a half hours.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mystery Zap

It has been too long. Sorry.

Due to the nature of this next zap, meaning it's gotta be a surprise for it to work, no details will be given ahead of time.

Just show up at my house at around 9pm on Saturday, April 19th. Bring 2 dollars and some brews and be ready to JAM. It's not big whoop though, so don't get too nervous or excited.

And there will be another Zap called DEATHJAM coming at the beginning of May. Stay tuned.

Thank you, life.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Look Around And Stores Are Starting To Sell All That Spooky Shit

If I could pick a month to last forever I'd pick number ten.

Alright. I don't know how to follow up the scripted party, so this is going to be a micro Micro Zap. I actually debated whether or not this should even be an official Zap, but it fits the criteria, and the fun factor is certainly high enough. A night to remember.

A Haunted House Crawl, if you will.

Join us this Saturday, Oct. 20th as we travel all the way to Fremont to hit up a Haunted Corn Maize and the gigantor Haunting Fields.

Meet us at the Haunted Corn Maize at 7pm. After that we'll head to the Haunting Fields. Six separate Haunted House/Attractions there. What a jam.

(Hint: get stoned beforehand- even if you don't normally do that kind thing it will be worth it. Trust me.)

Get in touch with me if you want to caravan or need a ride or if you have a car and you're willing to drive.

Hope to see you there. If not, stay tuned for the next Micro Zap.

Directions for Corn Maize:
Ardenwood Historic Farm
34600 Ardenwood Blvd. Fremont, CA 94555

From West Bay I-101
Follow the signs to the Dumbarton Bridge/84 East and head over the bridge. Once across the bridge take the Ardenwood Blvd/Newark Blvd exit. Take a left at the stoplight and the farm entrance is on the right at the second stoplight.

Address for Haunting Fields:
45031 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA

Scripted Pics

Sorry there hasn't been an account of this evening. I think Bob Beers was charged with reviewing the night and slacked it into oblivion. Or maybe that was me.

Nevertheless, it was a rousing success and one of the funnest parties I've ever participated in. People participated wildly and brazenly (for the most part) and a lot of people even took it upon themselves to act weird on their own to throw people off. Zach Cincotta grabbed a stranger's ass for the duration of the party and wasn't even supposed to do that.

It was such a blast that I'll have to do this one again sometime.
Thanks to everyone who came and especially the people who helped write the scripts and make the cards/etc.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Zappening Two: Scripted Mind Melt

The next MicroZap will be a scripted party. This isn't a murder mystery type of thing where you show up as a character and have to do "acting" the entire night. What I'm hoping to do is blur reality and fantasy whilst having a good time partying with friends.

Each person that shows up will be randomly handed a number to wear and a piece of paper with three tasks/activities on it that you must complete before you leave. These tasks will range from something so subtle that no one would ever know you were doing something out of the ordinary, to something that is blatantly strange and obviously not something you would normally do (keep in mind that the script will not be requesting you to do anything you'll hate doing -- nothing sexual, nothing that can get you in trouble, nothing too crazy). People are also highly encouraged to do things on their own that seem strange and like something from the script to throw people off. Also, try to talk to people you don't know very well and make them think you're talking to them because of the number they're wearing. The numbers will serve two purposes: for use in conjuction with the scripts (i.e. "go to number 22 and start a conversation about blah blah blah"), and also to make people feel conspicuous and slightly uneasy.

These three tasks will not take very much time at all and probably around 80% percent of the time you're there you will be just hanging out and partying. The point is to create this surreal environment where you never quite know what is real and what is from the script. "Is he talking to me about this for real, or is it part of the script?" "Is she doing that because she feels like it, or is it on her script, or is she doing it on her own trying to make people think it's part of her script??????" "Oh no. My mind has melted."

This won't succeed unless we establish a few rules. Please let me know if you are coming, and if you're bringing anyone that didn't get the Microzap email. We need to know how many of these dang scripts to make, and we can't have people showing up and not getting one because we've run out. And on that note, this can't be one of those Mission parties where there are 200 bikes stacked up outside our apartment. Because of the nature of the party, we can't have a bunch a random people showing up. We have to keep this contained and with everyone on the same page as to the party's intentions. Also, you have to be willing to follow your instructions and try your best to not let anyone know what's on your script or when you're performing your tasks. Again, no one will be asked to do anything outrageous and people shouldn't have a problem doing any of their requested tasks.

This will take place on Saturday, August 18th at my house at 1010 1/2 Alabama St. (at 22nd St.), starting at 9pm and ending whenever. I'm low on cash right now, so bring a bunch of beer with you.

Hope to see you there!